School Academics

By continuing upgrading the services that the institution render, the School is dedicated to share knowledge and expertise that emphasizes the quality of education that the school may offer to its students that is necessary in molding the future of the students equipped with global competence and knowledge

The Camaraderie that the school empowering made it as mechanism of a good relationship among the Faculty, Students, and the Administrators.

The main purpose of the school is to prepare students to be successful in their chosen professional descipline.

At current there are existing five college departments:College of Information and Communication Technology(CICT), College of Business Students(CBS), College of Education(CED), College of Criminal Justice Education(CCJE), College of Engineering(CoE)

Listed below are the programs that SEAIT offer:

  1. Five-Year Course(s)
  2. Four-Year Course(s)
  3. Two-Year Courses
  4. High School Department
  5. Basic Education Department

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