SEAIT VLE Update Logs


1.0 Attendance Module

1.1 Teacher/Instructors can select attendance date and record student attendance status(Present, Late, Absent).

1.2 Teacher can delete attendance. 

1.3 Student can track their attendance via Attendance Sidebar Menu.

2.0 Assessment Module

2.1 Teacher can add/update Quiz details.

2.2 Teacher can lock/unlock quizzes/assignments via Assessments side bar inside the class.

2.3 Teacher can add explaination to every quiz/assessment question.

2.4 Teacher can select option for assignment type, either Reserve or As is Type of Assignment when assigning Assessment/Quiz.

2.3 Student can no longer view the correct answer after taking quiz but if the teacher add an explaination, the explaination can be viewed by the student.

2.4 Ulimitted retake of assessments.

2.5 Teacher can assign the assessment generally or to a specific lesson.

2.6 Teacher can now record offline assessments.

3.0 Lessons Module

3.1 Student can print/download a PDF Copy of the lesson.

3.2 Teacher can view the students who reads their lesson.

3.3 Student can't proceed to next lesson if he/she doesn't read the previous lesson.

3.4 If the teacher assigned an assessment in previous lesson and he/she may not be able to get a perfect score, he/she needs to perfect the retake in order to proceed to the next lesson.

3.5 The Teacher is capable of Locking a specific lesson.

3.6 The teacher can upload a copy of lesson in a pdf/word format.

3.7 The Teacher can create his/her lesson using built-in editor.

4.0 Assignment Module

4.1 Teachers can add assignments details.

4.2 Teachers can lock the assignments manually;

4.3 The VLE is capable of auto-locking the assingnment if the give date and time is reached.

4.4. The Teacher has an option to accept file submission and late submission.

4.5 If the teacher disabled the file submission, student needs to write his/her assignment using the provided editor.

5.0 Notification Module

5.1 The student/teacher can recieve notifications from VLE such as:

a. The teacher assigned an assessment or assignment to a class;

b. the teacher added an announcement to a class;

c. the student answered an assessment; and

d. the student submitted an assessment.

6.0 Message Module

6.1 The teacher/student is capable of sending message to his/her student/teacher.

6.2 The teacher/student is capable of sending reply to his/her student/teacher.

7.0 Class Module

7.1 The Teacher can create his/her class and select a subject. If the subject is not listed he/she may request to the admin providing the Subject Code, Semester, Number of Units and Subject Description.

7.2 The Teacher can add his/her student using their lastname and firstname.

7.3 The student can join the class using the provided join code by the teacher if the student has an existing account.

7.4 The teacher can update students detail via Add/Edit tab in My Students page.

7.5 The teacher is capable of resetting student's password if the student is enrolled to his/her class.

7.6 The teacher is capable of removing student from his/her class.

7.7 The teacher has an option to archive his/her class.

7.8 Teacher can add, view assesment results or lock the assessments via Assessment/s Result Sidebar.


7.10 Teacher can check assignment or change the status of the assignment via Assignment Sidebar.

8.0 Progress Tracker

8.1 The teacher can view the progress of his/her student.

8.2 The student can view his/her progress inlcuding assessment and assignment scores.

9.0 Calendar Module

9.1 The student can track deadlines of assignments/assesments via calendar module.

9.2 Students can view schedule of activities via calendar module.

10.0 Announcement Module

10.1 Teacher can add/update announcement via Annoucement module.

10.2 Students can view announcement via annoucement module.

11.0 Student Ranking 

11.1 Students/Teachers can view the outstanding students who get the highest ranking based on the accumulated points from assessments and quizzes.


Note: More updates to follow. Thank you for your support.