Bachelor of Science in Information Technology(BSIT)
      Business Analytics Specialization Track

Together with the SEAIT, CICT is implementing Outcome-based Education(OBE) and Outcome-Based Teaching and Learning(OBTL)

Vision.We envision of being globally competitive on Information Technology Education(ITE)

Mission.We commit to adopt the four core values of SEAIT which are Love, Leadership,Community, and People to help building an ICT nation. Always offer courses that will mold our students to become experienced computing and IT Professional. Qualify CICT on all accreditation and standards in all possible IT-Enabled Programs.

CICT Core Values.


Part of the revolutionary BSIT curriculum in SEAIT-CICT is an industry-based training course/subject known as Practicum. It is considered as a culminating course that form the most important industry immersion and application of the previous knowledge and skills gained by the students from 1st year to 4th year. It must be in an ICT or ICT-enabled which include the following categories but not limited to:


The placement of practicum in the curriculum is the best decided by each program individually. Practicum courses and/or internships may be used to supplement the integration-curricular models. To prepare students for practicum oppurtunities, the early courses of curricular model would have substantial experiential learning incorporated into them. This presupposes that before students can engage in an internship, they must have had sufficient depth in one or more IT areas to give them an adequate skill set.(Lunt, Barry M., et al., 2008).

The College of Information and Communication Technology is curretly facilitated with:Reginald S. Prudente, MIT - CICT College Dean

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